At B2B Growth, we recognize the challenges you face in your quest to discover new clients and top talent while building a brand that exudes trust and credibility.

Your determination to use LinkedIn™️ effectively is admirable, but we know that behind the scenes, you aspire to more.

You’ve implemented many actions, yet your growth on LinkedIn™️ remains stifled.

That’s why we’ve implemented customized training programmes.

Our programme “Unlock the Potential of LinkedIn™️” can be tailored to:

✓Sales teams
✓HR teams
✓Communication and marketing teams
✓Brand ambassadors

Our training sessions can be carried out in English, French, and Estonian. 

In 2023, we:

✓Conducted 10 training sessions
✓Trained 133 people
✓Reached a satisfaction rate of 90%

Here are some client testimonials:

Violette Genet

We never get bored. It’s a small enough group to freely speak up, yet with enough people for the training to be dynamic and for us to address issues we hadn’t necessarily thought of. Mari-Liis is clear, factual, clever; she captures our attention with a common thread that is maintained throughout the presentation.
” feedback following the training on June 20, 2023

Caroline Nappée

Mari-Liis truly knows how to listen, rephrase, and help her client express their needs clearly.
Read her recommendation on LinkedIn™️

Antoine Le Bot

Each session was well-structured and effective. She was also very flexible, adapting the content of our meetings according to my needs. We started with a weekly debrief, reviewing the KPIs set during the last session. If the objectives were met, we moved on to the next ones. Mari-Liis definitely took the time to understand what wasn’t working and adapted to help me.
Read his recommendation on LinkedIn™️

Amandine Chévalier

Plenty of exchanges, plenty of examples. A trainer who inspires, shares, and perfectly transmits her skills.
“Feedback following the training on May 15, 2023

Yann Fayad

Mari-Liis is very clear in her explanations, she answers all our questions and gives a lot of very practical and not necessarily well-known advice on using LinkedIn™️.
“Feedback following the training on Nov 22, 2023

In order to discuss together the necessary adaptations and possible funding, individuals with disabilities who wish to attend a training are invited to contact our disability contact person Mari-Liis GARCIA by phone at +33 (0)7 50 32 23 83 or by email at

Please consult our GTS for Training and Internal Rules documents.

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